Tire and Wheel Services

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Tire and Wheel Installation

Having your tires properly installed by a professional is just as important as purchasing the tires. If you’ve purchased new tires or wheels and would like them installed, Heavenly Tires is here to take care of you.

With our excellent customer service, experience and professionalism, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Tire Repairs

Sometimes your tire may just have suffered some leakage or a minimal puncture and just needs to be fixed. We’re all about saving you money and will inspect your tire properly to see if it can be repaired.

Have you noticed constant pressure on your tires? Or a sound coming from the tire? Your tire might be in need of repair and it’s best to get it done before it gets worse and beyond repair. Heavenly Tires, LLC technicians are well experienced and knowledgeable in tire repair services. We’ll provide you with excellent service and you’ll be back on the road in no time!

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Tire and Wheel Balancing & Alignment

Tire balancing and alignment is essential to tire longevity. Uneven wear, pulling to one side while in motion, increased gas consumption and vibration are some of the consequences of failing to have your tires balanced.

When we balance and align your tires, we’ll ensure that all tires and wheels are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. The result? Savings on gas and overall efficient and safe driving!

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Tire Rotation

Vehicle manufacturers have recommended intervals for when you should have your tires rotated. Failing to rotate your tires at the recommended intervals can cause uneven tread wear on the front, back, left or right tires depending on the vehicle.

Frequently rotating your tires based on wear or according to manufacturer’s recommendation helps the tires to wear evenly, aids in better driving and tire longevity. Check your manufacturer’s handbook to see how often you need to rotate your tires or head on to Heavenly Tires so we can have your tires checked.


Tire Maintenance

Sometimes, you could only be experiencing a faulty valve or your tire pressure is just not right. Pressure gauges at gas stations are usually unreliable and it’s best to have your tires regularly inspected by a professional.

Poorly maintained tires have a reduced lifespan, reduced grip on the road and lead to higher gas consumption. Have your tires checked regularly to ensure safety, longevity and savings.

Heavenly Tires also offers services for tire maintenance. Don’t wait until the problem will cost you more money. Make an appointment with your favorite tire store to have your tires checked as soon as possible.

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